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ShenZhenABuFan Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of health consumer electronic products, with original electronic cigarette as its core product. Afford has many years of experience in the development and production of electronic cigarettes, relying on advanced research and development technology, stable product quality, caring service and on-time delivery to win the trust of customers. Our engineers, designers and sales teams are practitioners of the e-cigarette industry for many years. We have witnessed the development of e-cigarettes at different stages. It is the top team in this industry. We can 100% enthusiasm and efforts in the technological innovation of e-cigarettes. , production quality control and after-sales service, have the ability to provide customers with extraordinary original products and quality services, and provide a complete set of e-cigarette solutions for our global customers!
Shenzhen Afford Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Affan) takes "Quality Life, Healthy Future, Change for Creation, Creates Uncommon" as the corporate vision, adhering to the ordinary people's corporate spirit of doing extraordinary things, and striving to create perfect for the sellers. The key to health adds color to your healthy life.

Afan is looking at the present and looking to the future. The competition of the future enterprises lies in the competition of talents. Afro pays attention to the cultivation of talents and the establishment of talent platforms, provides a good channel for talent development, provides talent guarantee for high-quality products, and escorts the development of the company, so that every Afan can benefit. At the same time achieve self-worth.

Afford pays attention to products, values ​​talents, and values ​​customers. Afford regards customers as brothers, resource sharing and benefit sharing. Together with development, it is not ordinary. Realize the vision of the company and go to the peak of life together.

Afford has now launched in-depth strategic cooperation with a number of companies. Business is booming. In today's highly competitive market environment, it is a long way to go to seek cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.

Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guide and negotiate business.


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